Bennett & Associates Inc. is based in Salem, Oregon. In August, of 1985, Bennett & Associates Inc opened, with a goal of creating and maintaining a computer software package for the nursery industry, thus the creation of the NURSERY DESIGNS package.

Bennett & Associates, Inc developed the NURSERY DESIGNS software package for the nursery/greenhouse industry, whether wholesale or retail. The software offers a complete integrated, multi-tasking, and on-line system. Offering order processing, invoicing, accounts receivable, point-of-sale, inventory control(field, container, shelf goods, bar coding), sales reporting, historical reporting, customer credit control, farm production control with history and much more.

The Nursery Designs software package has evolved over the years, as computer capabilities/networks have evolved. The customer can be assured in that, as new technology is developed, the Nursery Designs software package will incorporate this new technology, if applicable to the nursery industry.

With the growing Internet and its capabilities, Bennett & Associates, Inc has made the Nursery Designs software "e-commerce" compatible. Now from anywhere in the world, with an Internet connection, the Nursery Designs software can offer up-to-date and accurate information, for your company, sales staff, and even your customers. Controlled by you the customer, you can let outside sales staff or your customers place orders, get quotes, query on inventory, check status of an order, check history of an order, and much more.

The user has the option of running the Nursery Designs software on several different hardware platforms. This software is compatible with Microsoft Windows NT, Windows '95, Windows 98, and Windows 2000. The software is compatible with Novell Netware, Windows NT, and Windows 2000 server based software. By utilizing the wide range of hardware available to the end user, the operator has the ability to start on a single user hardware system, and grow into a larger hardware system with multiple workstations and/or printers. The user will have the satisfaction of knowing that as the hardware requirements may increase, the software and database investment will not be lost.

The NURSERY DESIGNS software, offers the below listed modules. The user may choose the desired modules initially and then add additional modules in the future.

  • Inventory Analysis (Field, container, shelf, bar coding)
    Cost Tracking By Product/Size/Redy
    Life-To-Date Inventory Activity History
  • Inventory/Size/Redy/Grade Control
  • Inventory Bar Code Printing
  • Physical Inventory System
  • Handheld Bar Code System
  • Order Processing
    Automatic Back Order Control
  • Invoicing/Accounts Receivable
    Life-To-Date Customer/Invoice History
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Farm Production System
  • Customer/Credit Analysis
  • Sales Analysis
  • Commission System
  • Purchase Order System
    Life-To-Date Purchase History
  • Equipment Management System
  • Landscape Design System
  • Drop and Load Shipping System
  • Accounts Payable
    Life-To-Date Accounts Payable Payment History
    Accounts Payable Check Reconciliation
    Accounts Payable 1099 Printing (optional)
  • General Ledger
  • Financial Reporting/Budgeting
  • Payroll System
    Life-To-Date Hours Worked History
    Payroll Check Reconciliation
    Electronic Filing of Quarterly Reports
    Electronic Filing of Annual W2's
  • Report Writer (Included with any purchase)
  • All software developed by Bennett & Associates, Inc. has the ability to operate in a multiple company, division, and/or warehouse/location environment. The design of Nursery Designs software allows the user ease of operation along with maintaining an accurate and up-to-date database of all Nursery Designs software systems.



    Bennett & Associates, Inc. can assist the customer in selecting and establishing financing. The customer has the basic options of paying Bennett & Associates, Inc. the full amount, financing all or part through their own finance institution, or Bennett & Associates, Inc. can offer a leasing program over a three(3) to five(5) year period, through a third party leasing company.




    Bennett & Associates, Inc. offers the end user multiple hardware platforms. The software is compatible with Windows Peer-To-Peer networks, Novell NetWare, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 95, and Windows 98. Bennett & Associates Inc. anticipates maintaining continuity with Microsoft products in the future. Bennett & Associates, Inc. will assist the customer, if desired, in selecting the hardware equipment based upon current and projected volumes. Bennett & Associates, Inc. does offer assistance in purchasing hardware and/or maintaining selected hardware.



    Bennett & Associates, Inc., has on-site training available for all software modules and/or hardware purchased from Bennett & Associates, Inc. With the purchase of software, a training period will be designated and coordinated with the customer. Bennett & Associates, Inc can offer the customer "on-site" training and/or on-line phone training.

    Specific training costs, schedules, and location can be established once the software and hardware purchases have been established. Once the initial training has been performed, support continues with either a phone conversation, a phone modem connecting the computers, or on-site at the customers location. All software created and maintained by Bennett & Associates, Inc can be modified to fit the customer's specifications. All software created and/or modified by Bennett & Associates, Inc. is guaranteed to perform, as designed.



    Bennett & Associates, Inc. continues to make modifications and updates to the Nursery Designs software. For those customers on a software maintenance agreement, these modifications will be offered free of charge. For those customers NOT on a software agreement, software modifications will be offered based upon an update price. In either case, the customer will be notified of all modifications and given the option to receive the changes.

    Annual Software Maintenance Agreement

    Bennett & Associates, Inc. is committed to the customer. Bennett & Associates, Inc can offer a software maintenance agreement to its customers. A customer can subscribe on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. The software maintenance agreement includes:

    • An 800 number to call
    • Unlimited phone support
    • 10% discount on new software versions
    • 10% discount on software modifications
    • Free updates for new 1099 formats
    • Free updates for new payroll tax structures
    • Free updates for new W2 format changes.
    • Free updates for existing software.



    With the purchase of each software module, on-line documentation and/or a reference manual will be furnished. The documentation allows the user to quickly reference an area on the screen and possibly answer the question. If the customer still has questions, the customer need only call Bennett & Associates, Inc.



    Whether the customer purchase hardware from Bennett & Associates, Inc., or from another dealer, Bennett & Associates, Inc. will assist the customer in finding local service and help establish either a hardware maintenance agreement, for a monthly fee, or simply establish contact with a local service agency for time and material maintenance.



    Bennett & Associates, Inc offers the customer a complete hardware/software system solution. This option gives the customer a completely installed and working system with little cash expenditure. In addition, the customer will have the peace of mind of knowing that a single call to one(1) company will get results. With a small initial expenditure and a re-occurring monthly charge this package includes:

    • New Computer Hardware (CPU's, Work Stations, Printers, Networks, etc.)
    • Hardware Maintenance
    • Desired Software (Payroll, Billing, General Ledger, etc.)
    • Unlimited Phone Support
    • Updates to the Software
    • Discounts on All Software Modifications



    Bennett & Associates Inc. can offer a customer another system solution, instead of having to purchase a network, software license, and software rights. The customer can experience the full benefits of the Nursery Designs system by using the Internet. With the highest level of security established and maintained by Bennett & Associates Inc, and an Internet connection, the customer need only connect to Bennett & Associates, Inc. server. This option affords the customer several options in that, the customer can utilize the full capabilities of the Nursery Designs software package, be assured the data base information is always available 24 x 7, the customer will NOT need to purchase a network, the customer would need to only purchase a standalone PC, and the customer and/or staff can have access to designated information from anywhere in the world at anytime.

    Bennett & Associates Inc. would be responsible for maintaining only the latest Nursery Design software on the server, securing the data, and backing up the data base information for the customer.

    For this type of system there is an initial setup fee and a reoccurring monthly fee. The monthly fee will be based upon software modules used and the number of PC's needing access to the information simultaneously. If this type of system and capabilities interests your company, contact us for more information and cost.














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