• Ability to setup and use names and addresses associated to a Drop Point only.
  • Create a Drop and Load from multiple Orders/Invoices and customers.
  • Built into the Drop and Load system is the ability to inquire on a Sales Order and select All or part of a Sales Order for shipment.
  • Once a Drop and Load is established the customer can print a Load Sheet for field/warehouse personnel.
  • Once a Drop and Load is established the customer can print a Drop Sheet for the driver that includes name and addresses.
  • Once a Drop and Load is established the customer can print Bills Of Lading for each Drop and/or Sales Order.
  • The customer has the option to inquiry by Load Number, Drop Number, Sales Order Number, and/or Customer Number.


The Drop and Load System is a much more in-depth set of software then the standard Truck Manifest and/or Packing Slip. The Drop and Load System is made-up of several software programs allowing the operator to create a truckload from one or more Sales Orders for one or more customers. The software generates a Pull Sheet, Load Sheet, Drop Sheet, and Truck Manifest. A Truck Manifest will be generated for each customer drop from several different orders/invoices.

It is important to note that though the Drop and Load System is an integrated system, that links directly to the Order Processing System, Inventory System, and Customer Analysis System in the Nursery Design software, it is not necessary to have these subsequent software modules installed. If other third party software is being used to control the Orders, Inventory, and Customer information, the third party software will need to produce an ASCII fixed length data base file with the information required by the Drop and Load System. The third party generated ASCII fixed length data file will then need to be made to blend into the Drop and Load System in a seamless structure.

Initially there is a report that is created and printed anytime the operator wishes, accumulating all orders/invoices. The report can be printed in several different ways but the two(2) primary ways are:
A) Listing of orders/invoices in Load Number sequence
B) Listing of orders/invoices in Destination Zip Code order

Please find below a brief description of each of the software modules that make-up the Drop and Load System.

Drop Number Maintenance
This software module allows the operator to establish a name and address of a Drop that is not setup in the standard Customer Analysis system.

Drop Number Listing
This printout creates a listing of the Drop name and addresses entered in the above program.

Drop Number Purge
This software program allows the operator to purge(delete) one or several tagged Drop Names and Addresses at one time.

Load Maintenance
This software module is the heart of the Drop and Load System. This module allows the operator to select one or several orders/invoices, in their entirety or selected lines, to make-up a single or several truck loads.

Pull Sheet By Load
This module generates a printout, by Load Number, allowing personnel to pull product for one or more loads. The concept here is to generate a printout making the personnel preparing the load to be more efficient. This printout can summarize several loads together, thus allowing personnel to retrieve product and stage several loads simultaneously, instead of making several trips to the field/greenhouse for the same product on several different loads.

Load Sheet Print
This module is a printout indicating to the personnel actually loading the truck, what order the loads/orders/invoices should be put onto the truck.

Drop Sheet Print
This printout is intended to be a printout for the delivery personnel. This printout indicates where the driver should go to drop the first, second, third loads, etc.

Bill Of Lading Print
This software module will generate a standard Bill of Lading document for each of the Orders/Invoices on a specific truck.

Load Inquiry
This software module allows personnel to inquire and/or print load information without the option of being able to change specific information on a load. This is for those companies needing security.


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