• Ability to use up to 12 alphanumeric characters for item number.
  • Look-up of inventory alphabetically, if desired.
  • Establish and control inventory in multiple companies/divisions/item number/ locations/size.
  • Set-up and maintain customer consigned inventory.
  • Ability to maintain different selling units.
  • Establish a weight factor as well as a quantity for each product.
  • Establish your cost per item, for profit calculation on sales reports and for valuing inventory.
  • Establish product class for each item, to group like product classes together on sales reports.
  • Establish product type as to F = finished goods, W = weight, C = Component, B = Burden, etc.
  • Up to four(4) different selling prices.
  • Three(3) levels of quantity breaks per product either designating percentage discount or dollar discount.
  • Establish substitute product code for quick reference.
  • Setup two(2) standard vendors per product, that you would normally purchase this product from along with vendor's product number and description.
  • Establish minimum and maximum stocking levels.
  • Establish lead time on normal delivery of purchased product.
  • Ability to adjust inventory with security clearance.
  • Inventory history reporting by product.
  • Inventory analysis report showing movement



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