• Ability to use five(5) digit numbers to identify each customer.
  • Each customer can have unique aging against the accounts receivable invoices.
  • The operator can establish multiple terms codes.
  • The operator can establish multiple ship via codes.
  • Based upon terms code, discounts earned are automatically calculated and displayed when posting checks against invoices.
  • System maintains each product purchased, per customer, for history purposes.
  • Inquire against a customer to reflect all items purchased, date of purchase, quantity, and selling price, cost.
  • Sales amounts for the past 12 months summarized.
  • Mailing labels for each customer.
  • Ability to assign a specific geographic code to a customer so that sales reports can reflect sales by geographic area.
  • Customer credit history tracking available.
  • System will track high balance.
  • Payment trend.
  • Ability to enter up to 999 comment lines for credit information.
  • Maintain credit rating and high balance for the last four(4) years and current.
  • Maintain start date for customer.
  • Maintain years sold to customer.


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